Tunnel Visions: Into the Sea of Uncertainty (1998)

This program is hosted by world-renowned oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle. Her narration of the difficulties Boston faced in interpreting how best to proceed with its ambitious construction program, the Boston Harbor Project, provides one of the most lucid commentaries on the complex relationship between science and public policy.

Ecological research, as "tunnel visions" implies, is often inconclusive and open to varying interpretations. The exploration of this often confusing and turbulent relationship gives Tunnel Visions world-wide applicability.

Every coastal nation in the world is, or will soon be faced with similar challenges, as populations soar and the marine environment is put at greater risk. Wise decisions can come through the exchange of ideas and experiences. Tunnel Visions is a case study that will promote an environmentally conscientious message to the world.

Tunnel Visions aired in November 1998, broadcasted on WGBH TV and WGBX TV.

The two half-segments are available from The Video Project at 1.800.475.2638. Packaged with the film is a 24-page audience guide elaborating on scientific and technique issues surfaced by the Boston Harbor Project.



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