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A Matter of Time (2004)

Boyhood Derailed - As the son of a serviceman, Don Kirchner attends 15 schools by the ninth grade. He’s the kid you hate to love but cannot dislike - altar boy, athlete, and apple polisher. Don’s relationships are disposable, except with the one perrson he reverses: his father. But when he discovers his dad’s body in a monoxide-filled garage, Don’s life is dumped into his own hands. His chance of ever winning his father’s attention cut short, he now chases recognition anywhere he can get it. Don pursues acceptance with a blind determination that could lead to his own death.

From Saigon to Santa Fe - In Nam as a helicopter pilot

His New Old Man - Don's reputation grows exponentially

The Prince of the Airstrip - Landing a DC-6 freight plane

A Double or Nothing - Back to Santa Fe to lick his wound