Mass Past: Unsung heroes of teen history.

A pilot secondary school program.

Rather than remaining passive recipients of media and observers of history, youth participating in this project emerge as active producers of media and better-informed contributors to historical and contemporary debates. Participating youth had completed "rookie" or introductory seminars at the Youth Voice Collaborative (YVC).

The purpose of YVC introductory seminars is for youth to develop the analytic tools necessary to "demystify" the media, that is to critique its images and messages.
The MassPast/Youth in History Project is an opportunity for youth to receive further media literacy and production training by collaborating with media professionals.

The central goal of this Project is to provide youth with the essential tools to produce a high quality video through immersion in a vigorous media training program.
Its essential objective is to empower youth so that they may address social issues of personal relevance and effectively participate in public debate.



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