An American Jester

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        Paolo Garbanzo was at the pinnacle of his comedic and juggling career, the rave of Renaissance Faires the world over. (Especially in Italy where he perfected his phony Italian accent!)

       But Garbanzo longed to be more than just a famous fire-eating, knife-throwing jester. He dreamed of being an artist. Our hero takes off for Olde England and boldly enters the International Jester Tournament at a real medieval castle, the same place where, long ago, a colorful court jester created the ancient art of Tomfoolery. Garbanzo impresses the Brits by juggling flaming torches and balancing on his "Ball of death."  

      He even valiantly jousts at droll British humor. Best of all, he gets to ask the elites of the busker world: "Can I be an entertainer and a true artist?" Does Garbanzo win the title of Fool of Muncaster Castle? Does he discover his true destiny? An American Jester reveals all, including stunning guest performances and an unforgettable onion-eating grand finale!

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