FitKidz Gym and The Obesity Epidemic

Interlock's longstanding record of activism on social issues, including public health, spurred the production of the Body By Brandy 4 Kidz gym website. Established in 2005 by local trainer Brandy Cruthird, BBB 4 Kidz is the first gym in the Roxbury community specifically created to accommodate children.

Through its Fit Kidz and Fitness in the City programs, the gym offers a mixture of exercise and play to keep kids entertained and motivated about becoming fit. The program is free to children referred by participating hospitals.

Fit Kidz is the first inner-city based gym designed to combat children's obesity. Battling obesity in urban areas is of great importance because of some urban residents' inaccessibility to adequate health care, nutritious food, and opportunities for excerise. In the Roxbury area, an estimated 35 percent of children under the age of six are overweight or obese, an amount 15 percent greater than the national average.

This revolutionary approach recognizes exercise as a vital part of solving this crisis, and presents one of the most promising opportunities for a healthy future.

Produced in collaboration with Eladio Carito.

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