The Extraordinary Passage of the Great White Hunter (2000)

The Extraordinary Passage Of The Great White Hunter is a film archive and public education endeavor that places the significance of the life and work of Harold J. Coolidge within the larger context of the emergence of a global conservation movement. Its main objectives are to inspire and strengthen the conservation movement by showcasing one of its founders; and to document the last expeditions conducted in the hunter/collector tradition of the nineteenth century and the first expeditions conducted within the framework of twentieth century conservation.

Noting the delicate balance between man, natural resources and living ecosystems, Coolidge was one of the first scientists to advocate the conservation of primates and their natural habitats. He was also one of the first primatologists to document the subjects of his studies on film. This extraordinary footage, combined with Coolidge's diary entries, field audio recordings, correspondence and photographs captures some of the earliest notions of global conservation and the conditions which led to their emergence.

As an historical documentary, The Extraordinary Passage Of The Great White Hunter will focus attention on Coolidge's field work and his legacy as one of the first advocates of the conservation of species and their natural habitats. International broadcasts will ensure that this work raises awareness of primate conservation the world over. As a scholarly tool, The Extraordinary Passage Of The Great White Hunter will document a critical time in the development of both the conservation movement and the type of attitudes that made such a movement necessary in the first place. As opposed to works of fiction such as Gorillas in the Mist, it will convey an era, through its intimate black and white portrayals, with veracity and authenticity.




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