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Recent Projects

19th century feminist Margaret Fuller
Inmates checking in from Faith in the Big House
Taj Weekes speaking with a diabetes physician in St. Lucia
Harold J. Coolidge in The Extraordinary Passage of the Great White Hunter

Margaret Fuller: A Thoroughly Modern Woman

Seminal feminist and leading social critic of the early 19th century, Margaret Fuller blazed a path for women's equality with love, great deeds, personal toil and loss. Fuller was a catalyst for new ways of thinking on feminist issues and 19th century literature in the evolving body of theory on women's writings, cultures and subjectivities. She lived bravely, making her way in a male-dominated world on the strength of her education, abilities, and intellect, extending other women of the 19th century the means to do the same.

We enlisted filmmakers, including Director of Photography Erik Angra, Gaffer Walter Stone, and Sound Mixer Aaron Bouchard, to film interviews with Fuller scholars Megan Marshall and Charles Capper at the historic Golden Ball Tavern Museum (below). Future interviews will feature additional perspectives to further explain the full impact of Margaret Fuller's accomplishments.

This film is made possible through generous grants from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and generous donors. A thousand thanks to all!

Behind the Scenes

Faith in the Big House

New Release. Find out more on the Faith in the Big House Website.

St. Lucia and Diabetes

The breathtaking Caribbean island of St. Lucia has one of the highest rates of diabetes per capita. Among his numerous humanitarian efforts, internationally acclaimed musician Taj Weekes - founder of the non-profit organization TOCO - seeks to remedy the epidemic. From local clinics to state government, the mission is to improve the lives of St. Lucians through public health, education, food security, conservation and the arts.

Kent Hovind aka Doctor Dino

Kent Hovind is best known as a Creation Science Evangelist and has traveled far and wide preaching about Young Earth Creationism, the biblical theory that the Earth is 6000 years old. He has also spent much of his time debating his beliefs with evolutionists. However, Hovind ran into legal trouble in the last decade and spent 9 years in federal prison for tax-related crimes. Interlock looks at the linkage between Hovind and the Right Wing Conspiracy Movement.

Sustainable Industry TV

Sustainable industry tv is a cable series in development for green management. It is viewable on our Vimeo channel.

The Extraordinary Passage of the Great White Hunter

The Extraordinary Passage, provides a look at eugenics and xenophobia in the early years of field zoology and the conservation movement.

Charles River Canoe and Kayak Production

Our slate of short episodes for Charles River Canoe and Kayak is done, much to their delight. The episodes can be viewed on our Vimeo Channel.

Interview with Green Party Candidate

We produced an interview with Green Party candidate Jill Stein for Forbes, Inc., conducted by former Board member Peter Reilly. An excerpt from the piece, in which Stein talks about the Green New Deal, was lifted by the Fox News Network.

Clear Count

We have provided assistance in the creation of a phone app that will measure and report the environmental and ethical performance of manufactured products and, someday, services.